Dear Senator Wyden (Song Against Trump)

by Lucia Fasano & Kyle McCormick

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Written for Jonathan Mann's 100 Songs for Senators project:
Photo by Jessie Kirk Photography


Dear Senator Wyden
I take pride in
The fact that you're providing
Defending not dividing
Our country and our freedom
And I thought that you should know then
The way you defend
edward snowden
Keeps me hoping

That he won't have to keep on hiding
And that you will keep on
- For our freedom and our rights and
Stand up against the tide that-
Has turned as we learned
On that November night and
I was so very frightened
But now it's time to right it

Stand up against the classist racist sexist admin
Try to reach across the aisle but don't let them get their hands in
Passing legislation causing violence and oppression
With a bipartisan sheen-
so they can front they ain't bad men

Got the Donald in there acting like he lives in Mad Men
The poorest going hungry while the richest getting fat and
The apathetic middle class is scoring high on Madden
And I can't help but feel as though the time has come to batten
Down the hatches
And light up the matches
Back-channeling with Glenn Greenwald
And Laura Poitras
Cornering James Clapper hand the NSA their asses
Time for Washington to flip their mothercucking mattress!

Yes I KNOW hillary won the popular vote
Shows there's a lot of good, that there's a lot of hope
But all that matters now is we're stuck in this boat
It's an orange tinted groping ship of racist bloat
But the voters are a lot folk we can't scapegoat!
Please listen when they're hurting and let's lift up those -

Who will be marginalized, targeted, who already have been.
Hate crimes committed but called religious freedom
Threatening our healthcare, our environment,
our lives
Threatening us on twitter out of pettiness and spite!

We've had poison in portland skies
From unregulated glass shops
Our river is polluted
And there's no sign that it will stop
The homeless folks get arrested or die out in the cold
And the rents are getting higher to make overpriced condos
So you see why there are protests
And you see why others voted—
For Drumpf because they were scared, against Drumpf cuz they do know-
That we are on a precipice
the press-e-dent is set to
have a president that
we must dissent against

But dissent is getting silenced
Or snuffed out with violence
Which is why I thought it's time that
It's you we can confide in
So Wyden,
You know we're on your side
in O-re-gin
and we're all in so please keep fighting!


released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Lucia Fasano Portland, Oregon

I'm a musician, comedian, artist, and writer. I make the web series Catty B's ( and released my first solo album Radio Silence, produced by Larry Crane at Jackpot Recording in Portland, OR, on Doubleclicks Records.

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